Know your light colors

LED technology has taken the world by storm and has quickly become the most popular lighting choice for many. There are countless advantages to LED light bulbs, such as energy efficiency and lifespan, however there is an important advantage that many of us tend to overlook and that is color variation. Unlike traditional incandescent and halogen bulbs, LED technology allows you to choose what color of light we would like.
Traditional bulbs light up from a glow that is produced from electricity passing through a wire, giving a warm, yellowy light. This color could not be varied due to the pure physics of how the traditional bulb worked. LED lighting is a completely different technology altogether which enables you to choose what color of light you want. These two most common color options are Warm White and Cool White.


Warm White and Cool White are measured on a Kelvin scale, represented by the letter ‘K’. Warm White is around 3000k and Cool White is around 5000k. Warm White is a low colour temperature and has a very warm, yellow and even orangey tone to it. Warm White is a very similar colour temperature to the traditional incandescent bulbs. Cool White on the other hand is a high colour temperature and is a very bright, clean, white light. Cool White is a very similar colour to natural daylight.
When recommending colour temperature to our customers we generally recommend Warm White for homes and Cool white for office spaces. The reason behind this is that warm white is a much more relaxing, calm light, whereas cool white is a very bright light that can improve concentration.  However, there are certain rooms in a home that require tasks to be performed, such as the kitchen, laundry and study which could benefit from having cool white light. Also, if your home is modern and has minimalistic style, then cool white would look great as it is a very clean bright light.
There are many different advantages in choosing warm white or cool white. So, you should consider the purpose, style and mood of a space to help you choose the perfect color temperature for you.